Each transformation requires specific technology to be completed: semi-finished product assembly processes or assembling finished components, processing and working on complex products and goods have become part of Sisme’s DNA over time.

Its level of technological knowledge regarding manufacturing processes allows Sisme to display its value by integrating new methods of production and organisation, fully embracing the lean production methodology and the “zero waste” philosophy.

Sisme’s fleet has always been innovated by a standard production system, aimed at maximizing precision and always improving the quality / price ratio.

Coiling, winding techniques and wire management are the key elements in motor production. Over time, Sisme has been able to internalise these processes, managing to overcome increasingly difficult challenges.

The stringent processing requirements for BLCD motors are supported by high-precision machine tools, perfectly integrated in highly automated assembly lines. The key point of these processes is the high value that can be achieved in terms of accuracy and product reliability.

To ensure that all quality standards have been met during the various stages in the motors’ assembly and construction, each line is equipped with a final control station to ensure the products’ electrical and acoustic compliance.

Streamlining and simplifying the production system, by removing everything that does not generate added value for the customer, has become the key approach of the Sisme production system.